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DRED™ OST Level IV Systems

As stated in USEPA Chemical Safety Alert EPA 550-F-00-009 July 2000:
“Once any imminent threats to human health and life are addressed, first responders should immediately take all reasonable efforts to contain the contamination and avoid or mitigate environmental consequences.”


“First responders would not be protected under CERCLA from intentional contamination such as washing hazardous materials down the storm-sewer during a response action as an alternative to costly and problematic disposal or in order to avoid extra effort.”

Decontamination Runoff Environmental Defense™ On-site Treatment Level VI System

US EPA: "First responders must be aware that EPA cannot prevent a private person from filing suit under CERCLA". "Contaminated run-off should be avoided whenever posible"...

United States EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (5104) EPA 550-F-00-009 July 2000

LEPCs and Deliberate Releases: Addressing Terrorist Activities in the Local Emergency Plan

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DREDOST 2000 35 gpm system

  • Self-contained
  • Portable
  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Minimal training required
  • Power options:
  • gas - diesel (JP8) - electric
  • Removes a wide range of organic, inorganic, and CBRN contaminants from water before further processing or environmental discharge.
  • Capture, contain, treat and dispose of decontamination runoff and wastewater on-site.

Adaptable to any decon corridorsequence of components

New Threats – New Methods

The national command authority is responsible for the defense of the homeland against terrorist attacks. Local authorities are responsible for the preparation and deployment of resources designed to react to attacks when and where they happen.This local effort combines the assets of federal, emergency, medical, industrial and regional forces, coordinated and phased in their activities, with the mission of minimizing the damage to life and property.

First responders examine and analyze the damage resulting from a strike. Task organized follow-on forces must have the resources to minimize and control the personal and environmental consequences of that damage.

TerraGroup Corp. has focused its efforts to include the most severe terrorist activities – CBRN attack. In work that began eight years ago, the company’s founder, Primo L. Acernese, has developed a simple, yet comprehensive approach to enhance current methods of safely handling liquid decontamination residual.

Acernese advises: “With the attacks of 9-11, the theater of operations has changed. We now have to ensure that any decon procedure addresses responsible and expert handling of all contaminated materials, especially hazardous bulk liquids that are subject to transport and disposal mishaps and/or potential further sabotage.”

To meet this challenge, TerraGroup designed and produced DREDOST Level IV System. It serves as a water and wastewater system capable of removing a wide range of organic, inorganic, and CBRN contaminants from water before further processing or environmental discharge. The DREDOST Level IV System operates by processing contaminated liquid through a combination of commercially available and proprietary water treatment technologies configured to capture and contain the hazardous material in disposal canisters, while minimizing operational and environmental contamination.

With its ability to treat CBRN contaminants and decon solutions so that the effluent can be immediately and safely discharged or recycled, the DREDOST Level IV System meets the need for the safe capture, containment and treatment of CBRN contamination in field conditions during an emergency response situation.